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Different Uses of Marble in Home Design

Marble is a very popular material for home decoration all over the world. Some of the well-known structures to have used marble include the Taj Mahal and Michelangelo’s Chapel. No wonder many modern homes now use this adornment. Using marble on your house will greatly enhance its re-selling value and make it more attractive. There are several ways in which you can use marble for your home design.

Uniqueness is something every homeowner would want for their property. Marble is one of the better materials to help achieve this. The color and grain variations on marble are unrivalled, probably only comparable to granite. Since marble is very long lasting and easy to clean, it finds use in different ways in the house as discussed below.

The kitchen is a very crucial area in any home. Making this place unique, beautiful and functional is a major challenge to most homeowners. For countertops, there are many materials you may use with different results, but you can never go wrong with marble countertops for your kitchen. The number of people using marble countertops has risen in the recent years evidencing how popular this material is becoming.  Why is this? First of all, marble is becoming less expensive due to increased availability. Then, there is the factor of added beauty which seems to draw many homeowners. If you just make sure stains are removed quickly, and avoid scratches, marble will serve you for decades.

It is also renowned for its application on walls. Whenever this material is used to adorn walls, a certain uniqueness and richness in design is introduced. The main advantage with marble is that you can use it in any place in the house, be it in the kitchen, bathroom or lobbies. You don’t have to worry about the effect on your home decor as marble comes in a variety of colors and styles, so you can virtually never go wrong.

Another common use for marble is flooring, often combined with marble walls. This is especially applied in areas to high human traffic, such as entrance to a public building. Apart from adding allure, this material is also quite functional in such places. Did you know that as you use the marble on these surfaces, you can mix different colors to make beautiful patterns? Marble is used in that manner in entrances, to impress the visitors.

Marble is both functional and versatile, and this makes it usable in making sculptures and other designs in the house. A homeowner with a garden will find marble statues worthwhile additions. Some of the sculptures may also be put inside the house. Marble comes in different styles and colors, so it would be easy to adjust it to the home decor.

It plays an important role in the house because it is used both for aesthetics and functionality. This material is highly regarded for places where cleanliness is critical, such as the kitchen and bathroom. If you want to add beauty and uniqueness in such areas or even in the entrance way, where many people are expected to come and go, marble comes in very handy.

There is so much you can gain from the different uses of marble in home design.