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Exclusive Superior Construction Warranty

Extended Warranty

At Superior Construction, we offer our customers an extended secondary warranty to ensure that our services benefit you as a consumer. Extended warranties such as this can be very hard to find with other companies in the custom home building field, as it is a rare benefit that most companies do not provide. However, we have great confidence in the work we deliver to our customers. As such, we have decided to make the extended warranty available for you. Superior Constructions strives to guarantee your satisfaction in all services and business, and wish to benefit you with our extended warranty.

Similar to the familiar Tarion Warranty that our company also offers to its customers, the Comprehensive 7-year Warranty and Maintenance Program carries many comparable features as our primary warranty. Our extended warranty consists of features such as:

  • Seven years of protection
  • Protection against minor defects in work or materials over the promised seven years of warranty [this may include cracks, deterioration, leaks and other defects]
  • Protection against weather and water damage over seven years
  • Protection against large-scale problems that are included in the Tarion Warranty.

Superior Constructions extended warranty covers and guarantees our customers all of the benefits our Tarion Warranty withholds for the full seven years of warranty. You receive much more than set seven-year coverage - you get extra benefits of the extended warranty which addresses home situations and issues past the expiration date and allows our customers to feel less stress and hassle-free, letting your rest easily.

At Superior Construction Custom Home we care about customers and strives to make sure that our services are beyond satisfactory for every client. We want to have homeowners and future homeowners are given the comfort they deserve in their new homes and additions.