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Flooring Types for Different Parts of Your New Home

In order to get it right when choosing flooring covers for your home, you should consider each room separately. This is so because some flooring material will work for one room, but using it in another one can be a real challenge. For example, hardwood can be comfortably used in the living room, but not in damp areas like the bathroom. You can choose among these flooring types for different parts of your new home:

Hardwood flooring: This is a favorite flooring solution for homeowners looking for natural beauty and a distinctive appearance. You will have a number of hardwoods to choose from including maple, pecan, cherry, beech, pine, oak, walnut and Birch. Although hardwood flooring can really last long, certain hardwoods tend to darken as years go by while others can shrink eventually creating gaps on the floor.

You can consider hardwood flooring for areas like your living room, bedrooms and family rooms. Things you need to keep in mind:

  • – Hardwood requires regular maintenance. More so in high traffic areas
  • – Easily ruined by moisture
  • – Has to be well treated before installation

Laminate flooring: For high traffic areas in the house, you can opt for laminate flooring since it presents a very strong surface that can resist chipping and scratching. When searching for flooring types for different parts of your new home, you can consider lamination for use in the bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and also family rooms. This provides a cheap alternative to hardwood flooring, and it is moisture resistant.

Marble flooring: If you are looking for versatility in your home, marble flooring would form the best option, even though it is a pretty expensive undertaking. Expressing your personality with marble tiles is also simple since these can be easily engraved where one can portray his or her artistic taste. This will see you create some very unique and stylish designs and combinations. Marble flooring scratches easily, and will, therefore, work for low traffic areas within the house.

Tiles: There are various types of tiles depending on the material used, and this is why you will also find them being offered at varying prices. Among these are ceramic tiles, which are widely used in most homes because they are strong, easy to wash, anti-slip, and do not scratch easily among other features. These will, therefore, work great even in moist areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Other benefits of going for tiles include:

  • – Easy replacement since you only need to remove the damaged tile
  • – Little maintenance, which mostly includes periodic polishing
  • – Allow great flexibility in picking size, color and finishes

Other flooring types for different parts of your new home that you can choose from include carpet, engineered hardwood and vinyl flooring among others. To ensure that you pick the perfect choice for every room, try to understand the pros and cons of each. Regular care and maintenance will see your floor last for long to ensure that you get true value for the investment you make.