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Flooring your Basement to Match your New Home

One way of increasing the living space in a home is to remodel the basement and the main area that you should be concerned with is the floor. You should mainly look into ways of keeping the floor dry since moisture can lead to heaving, cracking or even crumbling. Basement flooring should also have high standard drainage systems so that water is effectively drained away to avoid seepage.

Considerations when flooring your basement to match your new home:

Moisture and condensation: If your basement is susceptible to leakage, seepage or even flooding, you should first consider sealing the ground before flooring. This can be a costly undertaking but will save you a lot of inconveniences in the future. You should also be aware of the fact that humidity promotes growth of mildew and mold. To avoid such, you can use a dehumidifier to lower the humidity levels in the basement.

Flooring material: The key to choosing flooring material is to consider the ease of drying even if there’s flooding. You should also consider the expected traffic in the basement and other factors such as impact on feel, appearance and warmth. Some of the cheap flooring options include ceramic and vinyl tiles where these are also durable. Maintenance is also pretty easy since one can easily replace a broken tile.

For softer and soothing basement floors, rubber mats and carpets will form a great option where these provide a very attractive look and are easy to install. If you are flooring your basement to match your new home, you should consider any other carpeting that has been done in the house. Rubber mats and carpets provide variations of patterns and colors, therefore allowing a huge selection.

Insulation: This is simply a way of protecting the basement from damages that can be caused by unexpected situations like flooding. To understand the insulation level required for your basement, you should rely on local basement experts since different areas have unique conditions. For concrete basement, you can opt for a layer of vapor diffuser and prevent water from seeping from the foundation to the basement.

Painting and staining: A great way of expressing your style in your basement floor is to paint it where you will have a wide range of concrete floor paints and epoxies to choose from. For quality results, you should strictly follow the directions provided by the manufacturer since you may be required to carry out sealing and etching among other preparations. You can also opt for staining where:

  • – Coloring is done by soaking
  • – There’s usually protective sealing
  • – The effects are long lasting compared to painting

To bring out that attractive and distinctive look when flooring your basement to match your new home, you should experiment with various colors where you can even choose to mix painting and staining. You can easily find materials online to learn more on the basement floor decorating options. There’s much to look into when flooring your basement but remember that your main concern should be avoiding moisture.