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Hardwood Flooring

In Toronto’s custom built homes, the most widely used hardwood flooring species is Oak.  The hardness of Oak is superior to all other readily available wood species while providing a low thermal expansion coefficient.

Other wood species will expand/contract with temperature fluctuations more readily than Oak.  Yes, other species offer design opportunities but they do not perform as well over the long term.

Unless specified by the client we will use “Select and Better” Oak.  As of early 2013, the cost of “Select and Better” – 3″ wide. 3/4″ thick – solid Oak was $6.50 per sq ft.  This cost may vary based on availability.  We use “Made in Canada” Oak flooring.  Our supplier is _____________________.  We have used their products since 2005 with our first home.

We strongly recommend using 3″ wide. 3/4 in. Oak, as based on our experience, this width to thickness ratio offers long term stability.

In a custome luxury setting, we recommend “rift cut” or “quarter cut” oak, offering a more homogeneous look where the grains are literally eliminated making the finish smooth and rich.  A darker stain makes the surface look deep and solid.

We also offer various hardwood patterns where the client so desires.  The costing of custom patterns is a function of the complexity of the specific pattern affecting the time required to put the pieces together.  Please see our website for a sample of these patterns.

Based on our clients desires we have installed Jatoba, walnut and maple as well as Oak.  They all offer beautiful finishes but our strong preference has always been Oak.

Take away: Care must be taken to regulate humidity to avoid gaps between hardwood floor pieces.  To regulate and normalize humidity please read our “Humidity Essentials”.  You may be surprised the health of your wood flooring is somewhat connected to the well being of your dear ones!

Please see our Custom Luxury Essentials” for important maintenance pointers for your hardwood floorings.