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Home Automation, Security and Energy Efficiency all Integrated into one System

The overall home automation concept is based on convenience and cost savings.  Convenience is controlling the lights, security and temperature/humidity levels using an accessible and easy to operate system portal. The temperature, lights and shade controls make a significant impact on the energy efficiency of your home. The lights can be turned off and on by ‎remote controls while the shades can be closed or opened based on the intensity of the sun for a given season.

These features can be integrated into your security system providing you “one” control portal that can take commands from you over the Internet.

Imagine the convenience where you use one system to check out if the snow on your driveway has been shoveled while you are away on a vacation in the Bahamas.   And then turning the heat up to 22 at the airport on your way back home so that by the time you arrive the temperature is exactly how you like it.

Of course you will have the cameras and motion sensors all integrated on to the same system.   Traditionally these features would cost a significant amount of money but with the new features and products we now have a real opportunity to provide these at all our homes at very competitive prices.

If you are looking for these features at a reasonable cost please let us know as if the rough ins are provided prior to dry walling (boarding) your eventual costs would be reduced significantly.

We have renovated, designed and built new homes and custom luxury homes  in all of GTA and surrounding areas.‎ We have built in Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto, North Toronto, Bayview Village, Willowdale, North York, East York, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Leaside, Lawrence Park, ‎Avenue Rd, Wanless Park, Bedford Park and Cricket Club.

We have significant experience in designing and building of your new home. It is our mission to provide you with timely accurate information so you can make the right decisions ‎to design and build your new home.

We would be proud to have the honor of renovating, designing and building your new home.