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Home Renovation Services North York, Thornhill

Start your dream renovation with Superior Construction, and start loving your home!

  • Has your outdated kitchen been giving you grief?
  • Is there a will to redesign particular rooms in your home to enhance the feel and look to fit your lifestyle?

“Renovation or remodeling is the process of improving a structure”

Additionally, a home improvement can refer to making something new, or bringing something back to life. Many people renovate homes to create a new appearance for their dwelling, or so another person can live in the residence.
Superior Construction offers a full spectrum of Toronto residential renovation services, including

  • Basements
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • laundry rooms
  • Exteriors, all and more!

Renovations also add value to the home and are much less costly than an addition.

Why choose Home Renovation Service from Superior Construction?

  • We provide vital project management on all jobs
  • Our sites are planned with constant supervision
  • Our project manager communicates with trades and homeowners during the process to avoid costly Surprises

The Home Renovation Process can usually be broken down into several processes

1. Planning: Figuring out the type of renovation, discussing your current situation and the needs and desires of the room, and drawing out a work progression plan.
2. Engineering: Engineering done to restore the room. Plans may include lighting, create better temperature or control better air quality, or to increase efficiency.
3. Structural Repair: Fixing of any beams, cracks, erosions and framing that may need to be tended too; also if a room is being knocked down or a wall is being put up, this applies also.
4. Rebuilding: reconstruction of the walls, floors that allow the room to be what it is.
5. Finishes: Furniture, cabinets, counter-tops, bathtubs, appliances and such.

Benefits of Getting Home Renovation Services

  • Home Renovation Services GTA can give you the desired space and storage
  • Expanding your perfect kitchen for entertaining and rekindling your cooking hobbies
  • Basement can allow you to create an entirely, well needed new space- a movie theater maybe?

“Home Renovation Services can also help you beautify your dwelling, giving it a new, refreshed, and stylish appeal to suit your desired home theme!”

Possibilities are endless; any room you wish to make-over can be done!

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