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Kitchen And Bathroom Counters: What Should You Know Before Ordering?

Kitchen and bathroom constitute areas of a home having high usage. The task to construct or renovate such an area in a house can often go off the beam due to an erroneous decision with regard to countertops. Unfortunately, as seen in most cases, a house owner realizes one’s mistakes pertaining to installation of certain fixtures such as counters in the kitchen and bathrooms much later on, when the job is over and done with.

Creating Awareness

Learning about the latest trends, material varieties, and design options available within the framework of countertops for your kitchen and bathroom surely helps in making wise decisions during purchase. Any well thought out buying decision for kitchen countertops should be based on criteria such as quality, utility, space availability, pricing and last but not the least, the manner in which counters accentuate the decor within the kitchen and bathroom. Lack of proper knowledge or awareness is usually cited as a major reason for making these regretful decisions. No matter what the urgency, kitchen and bathroom counters are not accessories that one should buy on an impulse.

What Should You Know?

The following gives a fairly good insight on what one should know before ordering kitchen and bathroom counter tops. Awareness along with considerations towards pricing and functionality makes for a good buy that you will never regret.

High-End Material

A good understanding of the material types paves the way to know what you should order. Granite, quartz, solid concrete countertops, glass-surfaced tops, slate, marble, laminated counters, wooden counters are all quite popular. Granite material has been well accepted over the years. As a natural stone it has a rich look, good durability, scratch free, but expensive compared to other countertops. The main hitch with granite is that the material being porous it tends to accumulate debris and contaminants very fast. Quartz, on the other hand, is engineered countertop with a smooth surface. Its qualities to withstand stain marks and non-porosity give quartz a high rating. Being engineered, it does not have the natural appeal that one gets from natural countertops. Its longevity compensates for its high price. Marble countertops are particularly suitable in kitchen and bathroom areas. Marble catches up stains easily, so extra care in maintenance and sealing treatments would be required. Concrete counter surface is the other high-end range variety, which is also very stylish, but susceptible to stains.

Affordable Counters – Glass & Slate

Glass counters have also been trending in recent times. Recycled glass in crushed form isn’t all that expensive. Being recycled material, glass counters contribute for a green world. Attractive colors in glass make this a preferred choice in modern homes these days. However, greater precaution would need to be exercised. Slate also is another variety in counters with its neutral and subtle shades. Laminated counters serve good functionality in small kitchens but should be maintained with proper care. Designs are plenty and appealing. Price is quite economical, but its relatively low resistance to heat and scratch make these vulnerable.

Knowledge Based Decision

The knowledge gained on counter quality types is then measured against space availability and budget to make that final decision on what kind of counters to order for the kitchen and bathroom.

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