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Landscaping Design Trends in Toronto Area

Landscaping is a huge undertaking that should compliment your home’s appearance, and this is a great way of extending your living space outdoors. There are a lot of things to be considered in landscaping including land terrain, wind flow, sunshine, water availability and personal requirements among others. For the best results, one should hire professional landscapers but be part of the process.

The following are some landscaping design trends in Toronto area:

Building new projects: this is pretty common in Toronto landscaping where some new structures are put up depending on people’s current and future needs. One such structure is a gazebo where this can be used for various purposes like a playhouse for kids or an entertaining venue for friends and family. You will, therefore, need to understand the installations to be done in the gazebo where this will depend on functionality.

For a place to relax and probably have some fun moments with friends or family, you can construct a deck in your backyard. When building a deck, there are a number of factors that should be considered including use of the deck, height of the deck and the way of accessing it among other things. Other structures in landscaping design trends in Toronto area include patios and sheds among others.

Lighting: during the day, your outdoor space may look like any other in the neighborhood but you can make it stand out during the night through landscape lighting schemes which are now a common thing in Toronto. Pathway lighting may include step lights that are installed on the ground, hanging and decorative lanterns. These lightings are used in areas like the walkway from the front door or one from your patio or gazebo among others.

Moon lighting provides a more natural lighting effect where low voltage lighting fixtures are installed on trees aiming down in such a way that the light beams shine on branches and leaves. Other landscaping lighting designs in Toronto area include:

  • – Up lighting where one can illuminate trees from the base
  • – Accent lighting where soft lights are used to illuminate shrubs or rose bushes
  • – LED String lights which can be railed around decks

Lawn irrigation systems: instead of using water hoses to irrigate the lawn, most companies offering landscaping design trends in Toronto area can help you install lawn irrigation systems. These systems usually save the users the hassle of manual irrigation and they also help to save on time and energy. To maintain your lawn always use sharp blades, avoid cutting after rain and don’t cut your lawn too deep.

Other landscaping design trends in Toronto area include shrub and tree planting, creating flower beds, grass seeding and soil installation among others. For more information and elaboration on this, you can contact a landscaping company in Toronto but ensure that you pick one that has a good reputation and great experience in landscaping. Remember to provide your personal suggestions to ensure that your ideas are also considered for results that reflect your style.