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Luxurious High-end Summer Houses

Once the summer sets in, people usually look for a place where they can escape to enjoy the warm season where a huge number of people choose to travel to the country side. An ultimate luxurious summer house should combine state-of-the-art design with modern applications in technology. There should also be sophisticated surroundings that should complement the natural setting.

Things to observe on luxurious high-end summer houses

Design and materials: The design that you pick for your summer house should match your needs.  This can include features like luxurious bedrooms, modern bathrooms with rain shower or even spa, an elegant kitchen equipped with designer appliances, balcony with clear views, spacious living room and entertainment as well as a fitness area among others.

One should decide on material depending on various parts of the house from walls, flooring, doors and windows, roofing and fittings around the house. This is a decision that you should base on personal preferences, but you should also factor in the pros and cons of using some given material in certain areas. For the best results, it is wise to consider advice from reputed architects.

Landscaping: In choosing or building luxurious high-end summer houses, landscaping is a pretty important consideration where you can have fragrant flowers or other plantings bordering pathways, meandering stone stairs, multi-level lawns and small channels directing flowing water among other ideas. You can also create some focal points like water fountains.

Automation: With the latest advancements in technology, you can enhance convenience in your summer house by automating some processes. Among the devices that you can automate or control remotely include lighting systems, sound systems, security systems, sprinkler systems, barbecue burners, awnings and curtains, pool equipment, fireplace and heaters among others. All this will make your escape very comfortable.

Energy efficiency: Energy efficient luxurious high-end summer houses will not ensure maximum comfort for the occupants but will also significantly lower energy costs. The homes will also be environmentally friendly due to low green house emissions. Some ideas that you should consider for an energy efficient home include:

  • – Using dimmers, compact fluorescent lamps and LED lighting
  • – Installing occupancy sensors where lights come on when the rooms are occupied
  • – Insulating your home and
  • – Using energy-efficient doors and windows among others

Outdoor living: During the summer season, you should enjoy the warm breeze by extending your living space outdoors. One way of doing this is to have a luxury outdoor kitchen where this should have fittings like grill heads, double side burners, warming drawers, beer towers and drop in coolers among others. You can then arrange some tables and seats where you can share a barbecue or drinks with family and friends.

There is so much to look into when it comes to luxurious high-end summer houses where the choices will greatly depend on functionality and your needs. When the right professional assistance, this should be pretty easy, and you will really live to treasure your country summer house.