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Modern Bathroom Designs and Layouts

When picking modern bathroom designs, you should factor in both function and style to ensure that the final result compliments your home’s design and decor. This will transform your bathroom into an area full of luxury and pleasure where you can spend some real quality time. Whether you are building an all-new bathroom or remodeling a dulled one, you can adopt some modern bathroom designs and layouts like:

Flooring: Instead of going for simple flooring for the bathroom, you can bring out that beautiful accent to your bathroom by using ceramic or porcelain tiles. You can also match these with wall tiles. Other benefits of using tiles in bathroom flooring are that they are easy to clean, easy to replace, and you can easily restore their original beauty by polishing. To keep your feet warm, you can install heaters below the tiles.

Avoid using wooden tiles in your bathroom since these can decompose due to moisture but if need be, go for engineered hardwood. To match your home décor, you can choose tiles from various patterns, colors and designs.

Modern fixtures: Apart from the old sinks and medicine cabinets that are a common sight in most bathrooms, you can give yours that modern and classy feel by going for some modern fixtures like pedestal sinks, free standing tubs and wall mirrors with styled frames. Currently, there are modern shower styles that have additional features like push buttons for changing shower settings, thermostatic features and memory function.

Modern bathroom designs and layouts may also include:

  • – Modern steam showers with variable steam units and shower enclosures among other features
  • – Economical electric showers
  • – Shower cubicles and glass block showers

Lighting: If you still have those overhead lights that are usually placed in the bathroom ceilings, you should consider enlivening the area by making use of modern bathroom lighting styles like wall sconces, dimmer lights and even chandeliers for that luxurious and unique look. You can also opt for lighting designs that make use of light from other rooms to brighten up the bathroom. This is a great solution for those with small bathrooms.

Accessories: Many homeowners will accessorize their living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and others within the house but totally overlook the bathroom. To add that elegant appeal to your bathroom, you can install stylish window coverings, display some artwork and even flowers. You can also use mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger space and brighten the bathroom for a more stylish look. There are custom mirror frames that you can go for, and these will bring out more uniqueness.

By adopting these and more modern bathroom designs and layouts, you will have a very warm and alluring space that will be very accommodating. For some tasks like flooring, you may need professional assistance but you can get this affordably. Ensure that you pick a company that is highly experienced in bathroom designs or remodeling to enhance quality work. It is wise to consider similar projects done by the company.