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Shower Style Designer Tips

There is huge flexibility today in choosing shower designs where you can go for walk-in showers, wet rooms and shower-tubs among other styles. In modern models, you can choose to have showers equipped with water jets, steam options and multiple shower heads among other things. Outlined below are shower style designer tips that can transform your bathroom:

Steam showers: These work with enclosure rather than exposure where you will get full benefits by immersing yourself in humid heat conditions. Insulation, therefore, is a huge consideration in installing steam showers, and the mainly used materials are ceramic, glass and stone. Modern steam shower designs should include features like adjustable steam units, shower-head options and shower enclosures among others.

It is important to pick a perfect layout for steam showers to enhance comfort, security and overall well-being of those using the facility. You should also consider the available space since this will greatly affect the design.

Modern & economical electric showers: These can be described as water heaters where they are designed in such a way that the cold water flowing through the shower unit is pressurized and heated using electricity. These are greatly looked into in shower style designer tips since one does not require any hot water system and the heaters are instantaneous only producing hot water when needed.

Additional features in modern shower styles include:

  • – Push buttons to control shower settings
  • – Thermostatic features to control water temperature
  • – Memory function to store settings

Glass block showers: These are great ideas for walk-in showers since the glass block will be easy to clean, durable and will require low maintenance. Glass block showers will blend in well with most materials used in the shower base like marble, granite and acrylic among others. They also allow efficient lighting since they provide a brighter space and this will make the bathroom more open and safer.

Rain shower heads: Traditional shower heads were designed in such a way that they produced water at high pressure, but this can affect the scalp or skin. Instead, bathroom designers are now opting for rain shower heads where you soak your body in the shower droplets rather than high pressured water. This provides a very refreshing feel, and you will also save on your energy costs since rain shower heads are more energy efficient.

Other shower style designer tips include adoption of shower cubicles, which are mostly made from toughened glass like fiberglass and low iron glass. For added elegance, you can go for stylish aluminum frames, gold frames or silver frames among others.

With the latest trends in shower styles and designs, you should ensure that you get the best bathroom experience by making a choice that reflects advanced and modern features. To get a perfect match for your theme, you can opt for customized shower designs although this will be a bit expensive. By taking the time to go through the mentioned shower designer tips, you will make a very informed decision that will see you enjoy using your bathroom for a really long time.