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Stairs with Style – Elevate Your Home to a New Level

Stairs are a very important component in any home both in functionality and aesthetics. For the best results, a homeowner must blend the style of the stairs with the overall home design. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional look, there are countless stair styles ideas. All you need is to consider the budget and your taste.

There are two major stairs designs, namely – traditional and contemporary. The traditional design is characterized by closed stairs and a wooden frame. Since these stairs are usually at the entrance of the home, they make a focal point. Even though, the predominant material for this style is wood, you may try some other materials for the rails, for instance shaped wrought iron. Sometimes you just want to use wood for the entire stairs design. To add a bit of elegance, consider including some curved details.

For homes with some extra space, curving the staircase at the top is quite something. If you are using wood for your traditional design, heavy traffic may become a problem. However, there is a way of countering this. Using rug runners on the stairs is a wonderful way of giving safe landing for people and preserving the material.

Contemporary stair designs are very popular as they add an unexpected flair into the room. In most of these designs, the stairs appear to float, this due to the open structure. For the contemporary design, you might want to avoid too many details. If you are using wood, consider mixing it with some other material, for instance steel. In addition, the wood needs to be warm, so cedar and maple are perfect choices.

Between traditional and contemporary stairs, which would you prefer? Traditional stairs are usually great additions of warmth in any home. At the same time, there are those who would like a modern appearance to their stairs.

When choosing stairs for your home, material used will always be a key factor. It is not a must for the material to match the rest of the elements. Adding character in the room is a powerful interior design aspect that you may embrace. For instance, hardwood is seen to add a wonderful twist if used together with glass railing. Similarly, you can add character to classic stairs by styling them with glass railing.

Whichever style you settle for, remember to consider using runners. This is very important for a home with elderly people and children. Apart from being soft, runners are also safer to walk on. Runners are also designed to fit any style with the subtle colors being more suitable for a traditional look.

Stairs are not just functional components, they are very important for the overall interior design of a house. When you are choosing your stairs, you need to consider whether you want them customized or pre-made. Of course, this is mostly a matter of budget. There are a lot of varieties for stairs styles in any home. Find a style that suits both your budget and preference for the best results.