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Stucco – A Simple Solution Made Elegant

A very hard material made up of cement, sand and lime mixed with water; Stucco has become popular as a covering for exteriors as well as the interiors of a home or building. Beautifully layered walls are made stronger and more durable by the use of stucco, so today most homes use stucco as a simple solution to create walls that are stylish and elegant. It not only adds to the decor of the home both outside and inside, but it also exudes a sense of something being different about it. Stucco is the common name given to Portland Cement Plaster.

What are the features of Stucco?

Stucco is endowed with a number of special features that make it popular among builders and home owners. Some of the reasons why stucco has become popular in recent times are because:

  • – It is quite a hard material, and its hardness makes it very strong.
  • – It is very durable thereby making it highly cost-effective with minimal investment. The cost of the materials and the labor is all that is required.
  • – It needs minimal maintenance and today, with lifestyles getting increasingly busy, stucco is a boon to homeowners.
  • – Its anti –fungal and anti-rot properties make it all the more popular. And above all it is fire-resistant too.
  • – Another great feature of stucco is that it is weather friendly and is not affected by extreme climatic conditions, though there are some concerns with stucco being able to withstand temperatures below 40 degrees. However, the use of stucco in buildings in the coastal regions is quite widespread as it is not affected by moisture
  • – By the use of stucco, you can color your interior and exterior walls with any color of your choice as it retains the color and its affect for a long period of time.

The Use of Stucco

For all the above features to be efficient, the mixing of the components that make up stucco needs to be in the correct proportion, or else it can disastrous. Though the conventional use of stucco is as a covering of walls, siding or blocks made of concrete or cinder, the modern use of stucco has extended to its use on the frame structure of building, the walls both inside and outside. Stucco is seen as highly versatile as its use is not limited to concrete or cinder but can also be used on steel frames of buildings.

 Stucco Application

The beauty and texture of stucco adds to the elegance of the home and makes a style statement about your tastes and choices. One fact that must be kept in mind is that stucco should never be applied by you unless you are skilled to do so. Call in the experts in the field to get the work done, which they are sure to do in the best possible way. The cleaning process is also very simple and easy in case the stucco walls need it due to some biological growth on the walls like some parasitic plants, staining or contamination caused by changes in the atmosphere. Power cleaning is the usual method used.

For long lasting stucco walls, you need to be sure that you have used the best possible materials in the right proportion and the work is done by experts in the field, in which case you have highly durable, strong and elegant walls for your home.