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Stylish Windows Protection with Canopy Awnings

Canopy awnings form perfect additions for windows where they provide functional elegance and decorative appeal. They are available in a variety of fabrics and frame styles allowing great selection to fulfill every person’s taste. Most people go for stripe patterns, but you can also get solid fabrics. You will surely have stylish window protection with canopy awnings for a number of reasons including:

General windows protection: exposing your windows to weather conditions like direct sunlight, rain and snow among others will see their condition deteriorate with time and maintaining their attractiveness can be a bit costly. By going for canopy awnings, you will offer protection to your windows. This will also help to avoid fading of your interior drapes, blinds and other furnishings around the windows.

With these awnings, you can also reduce glare when watching TV or using your personal computer around windows. This allows flexibility where you can comfortably use such items while still enjoying the superb outdoor view.

Attractiveness: by following your taste, you can pick very stylish canopy awnings that will add beauty to your home and this will also present a very relaxed/ hospitable atmosphere. There are various fabrics that you can choose from including Calabana, Sunbrella and Weathertyte among others. These are also available in various colors both in stripes and solid. You can also choose to have aluminum canopies and enjoy benefits like:

  • – Longer life
  • – Little maintenance
  • – Custom made designs to match your taste

Energy efficiency: By opting for stylish window protection with canopy awnings, you can also cut down on the amount you spend on your heating and cooling bills. During summer, awnings will help you to lower the indoor temperatures. If you make the right choice in fabric color, style and the place where these will be installed, you can lower temperatures by as much as 13 degrees!

Stationary and retractable awnings

You can choose to have a permanent or retractable awning where the former is permanently fixed, and this means that it has a shorter lifespan since it is fully exposed to weathering. Keep in mind, though, that while the awning suffers extreme weather, your window (which is much more expensive to replace or fix), is protected. In any case, it is up to you and you can always choose to install the awning during the summer and remove it during winter to avoid the elements. If you find this stressing, you can simply hire a company that offers such services.

There’s really so much to gain by opting for stylish windows protection with canopy awnings. Just keep in mind your home’s architectural design in order to match your style. These awnings can serve you for as long as 7 years, and this period can be made even longer with proper care and regular maintenance.

Today, you can even get motorized awnings which offer great convenience since you can extend or retract them by simply pressing a button. Where you feel that the awning has little structural protection, you can purchase a protective hood, and this is a great consideration for retractable awnings.