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Temperature Control Technologies

We have installed ductless systems.  We have installed forced air systems.  We have installed radiator based systems.  We have installed radiant floor heating systems.  We have experience with all heating/cooling systems prevalent in Canada.  We can design, and install any temperature control system you wish for.

Traditionally, in Custom Luxury Homes, forced air is the primary technique for warming and cooling purposes.

Given the recent push by the government and economic factors, as a luxury home builder,  we have been increasingly utilizing efficient furnaces and air conditioners.

We are now exploring a well established German technology to divide our custom luxury homes into zones where each zone would have its own dedicated heating/cooling system.  Our early number crunching indicates excellent prospects.

The basic premise for this technology is that there is no reason to run a furnace that is sized for the entire house when you need only to warm up just one of the bedrooms, or cool down just the kitchen.  The idea is simple and the technology is already proven.  Each zone will have its own temperature control.  You have an option of having a remote for the temperature control so when you feel sleepy in your bed you wouldn’t have to get out of your warm bed.

Of interest is that the system can gauge interior temperatures based on external temperatures.  As the external temperature fluctuates the heating/cooling will behave based on your instructions.

As a Custom Luxury Builder we strive to improve the performance of your home.

Take Away: How does humidification interplay with heating/cooling comfort?