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The Hearth is the Heart. Give your Living Room a Cozy and Stylish Look

Having a home that not only provides a comfort zone but is also stylish and elegant is what most people dream about their home. People are on the lookout for artifacts, antiques and curios to do up their homes in such an aesthetic way that on entering the room you find it appealing and impressive. Especially the living room, where you entertain guests, it is significant that you decorate so that you get comfort at a glance.  In the living room, the main piece of furniture is the couch and the sofa set which is made comfortable with the kind of upholstery used. Soft and satiny upholstery is most comfortable, as well as soft leather, which is also a very good material.

With terrific looking upholstery, the living room can be made to look exceptionally sophisticated and elegant but the aim here should be the comfort level of the guests who enter the room to enjoy your company. So make sure the upholstery used is smooth, soft, and velvety to provide ease and help them relax when sitting on the sofa or couch. Depending on the kind of home furnishing you choose, the upholstery too would be according to the style of the chosen furnishing. Some of the more common styles include:

  • – American and European styles: In both cases there are traditional as well as contemporary designs to decorate your living room and make it as stylish as ever at the same time you can place furniture that radiates comfort and coziness.
  • – Southwest Styles:  An all time favorite, this style is sometimes used in home furnishing to exude an oriental look which gives you plenty of choices or a rugged Native American look.
  • – Victorian Style: Decorating your home with upholstery from the Victorian era exudes the feeling and aura of the Victorian magic. Apart from the Victorian upholstery and furniture, you can also add to the décor by using Victorian chairs, couches, rugs, tables and also the wall hangings.

Another factor that must be kept in mind is to ensure that the living room is not cluttered with antiques and decorative items like designer light fittings, vases, dried flowers, paintings and other things. However well you might decorate your living room to make it look comfortable, a cluttered living room is likely to make the guests frown on entering it. So use minimal furnishings, a super smooth and trendy looking carpet or rug, and ensure that you place fresh flowers in the room for that subtle, lingering fragrance in the air. By placing flowers and using rugs or carpets with animal print or trees and flowers printed on it, you get the feel of the outdoors inside your living room, which is a terrific way to make guests and you feel comfortable.

A living photoroom in modern times is used a space to relax and watch TV, listen to music or read. The place is also used to entertain guests especially during weekends. So the living room is where you streamline your life after a hard day’s work to revive and re-energize it to face the next day. Therefore, giving your living room a cozy and stylish look is more a necessity than a luxury.