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Tips for Security

padlock1In the Toronto area, the owners of more expensive homes have seen an uptick in the number of robberies in the recent years. In one case, one of our clients experienced four robberies over the span of one year. We were asked to design the security of this house and after considering our client’s custom needs and interviewing many security providers we came up with a multi-layer system that iseffective in deterring potential robberies.

It is easy to spend tens of thousands of dollars to have the entire perimeter of the house covered with surveillance cameras and floods lights while using panic buttons and several security pads all lumped into an integrated system that uses all the recent technology available and then having all of this controlled via your smart phone and computer pads.

The real challenge is to balance the cost with the features that are suitable to your “custom” needs. In the case of this specific customer, we decided to have “zooming” cameras that are operational down to -40C with heaters and connected by roughed in CAD6 wiring, as well as multiple motion sensors covering the main areas of the interior. Also hidden cameras were installed for monitoring key passages.

All windows and doors were hard wired as we don’ believe in the reliability of wireless systems. Panic buttons were installed after considering multiple scenarios for activating two well-positioned panic buttons while the security provider monitoring center would be alerted of any intruders.

Another feature that was added was a rotating series of controllable lights that could be randomly activated while the owners were away. The combination of these key features provided a “custom” solution to our client’s need.

Please ask us about our other security features such as laminated french doors and multi-lock door systems. Please note we provide our custom home builder services in the Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke, North York, Thornhill, Vaughan and Scarborough areas.