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Using House Additions to Enlarge Without Re Building

When one invests in a house, chances are the individual may not attribute that much of concern towards the inner space as the major consideration at that point in time might be more about getting a permanent abode and at an affordable budget. It is only later on when you start living in the house for a couple of years and as members of the family increase that you might cringe at the space constraint. Since investing in a new home is sometimes impossible in these day, your best bet would be to look into house additions to enlarge without rebuilding. The list of house addition options is long, but one would need to be specific in terms of actual needs pertaining to the house and its current structure. The budget too would need to be looked into while considering home additions instead of rebuilding.

Is It Going to Be Lateral or Vertical Add-On or Both?

It is a known fact that when additional room space gets created, it comes in handy as the family grows. So, what are the ways to remodel an existing home by way of house additions? To begin with, make a list of what changes need to be done. This depends on the structure of the building. Are you going to increase the house laterally or vertically? Lateral house addition implies adding on extra rooms on the sides, whereas vertical additions would mean you intend to increase the level from one storey to another. Two-storey additions make wise choices as these are sure to bring the money back invested in the long run. A popular addition while remodeling a home is to create a guest room. In these days of cash crunch, renting out the additional guest room really helps once the children have grown up and left home. Thus building an independent en-suite guest room inclusive of a tiny kitchenette provided there is land space would be worth considering.

Garage Addition and Its Benefits

Giving a makeover to an existing garage creates additional space like never before. Right from the flooring to the top roof, including windows and doors can all be changed with an expansion in garage space. Further, including storage space devices within the garage can make this place a store room-cum-garage. The other option would be to build a small workspace area.

Terrace Transformation

If you have a terrace at home, you can probably convert this into a relaxing sun room. This can also serve as a gym at home if one is interested in exercising without going anywhere for this purpose. Sun rooms make great spaces for your computer and other gaming consoles. In short, it substitutes the multi-functional den to chill out.

Other Rooms within a House

Home additions to enlarge the space within a house can also be done in kitchens and bedrooms. For this, the roof height would need to be raised or on the side of a wall broken down to extend the area. In a bedroom, you could think of extending a small corridor–like space where you can fit a small closet or a dressing table with a mirror.


Talking out your ideas with a professional well versed with home addition remodeling is important. Such consultants examine the building and can offer sound advice. For more details on house additions check this with our experts via mail or phone.