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Wooden Home Just Like in the Good Olden Days

The urban world is filled with concrete buildings and is depleting nature from its natural beauty. Massive grey structures in brick and mortar are causing huge concerns to the ecology and environment. Such structures no doubt look impressive and sturdy, but in retrospect, if one analyzes the damage these may cause, one’s support would naturally extend towards the proponents of environmental-friendly wooden-based organic homes. Moreover, a wooden home, just like the olden days, brings back a feeling of warmth and comfort you would never get from concrete structures. The concept of living in wooden homes is catching up like never before.

Renewable Source

Wooden homes are built from wood that comes from renewable sources. Non-supporters of wooden homes often argue that the cutting down of trees in large numbers reduces greenery, and this in turn, affects the ecology. However, a point to note is that the trees providing such types of wood are grown in a massive scale so the question of wood getting scarce or extinct just does not arise.

Host of Benefits

Apart from their non-damaging effect to the environment, wooden houses have a host of other benefits. They help in preserving consistent temperatures within the home. So, in summer, the air remains cool while in winter, the heat from the air does not escape out easily. The other benefit is the uniqueness in designs. Wooden home if constructed in allegiance with modern technology and design specifications create cozy and safe dwellings.

Wooden Home Options

Interestingly, wooden homes are not just restricted to small cabins and cottages anymore. You can design a lot more from wood. To mention a few, you have home offices, bathing outlets, cottages for senior citizens, halls for special occasions and other such facilities that one can think of.

Easy and Quick Construction

With newer technologies, wooden house has come a long way from what it originally was. Prefabricated wooden houses are fabricated at the factory site and then brought to the land site for assembling. In fact, DIY wooden homes are also available to assemble provided one has the sanction from relevant authorities by providing blue print and other details. You would of course need the materials such as the logs and panels of wood, home fixtures, and necessary carpentry tools to fix and erect the wooden home on a marked site. As a result, construction time at site remains a bare minimum. Further on-site debris and huge labor costs typically associated with concrete structures are reduced with wooden homes.

Precautionary Measures

The hydroscopic quality of water makes it absorb moisture, swell and sometimes rot. Remember, wood is not resistant to moisture over a long period. So coating wood by application of wood paints and other anti-moisture chemical preservatives should be made regularly. These paints not only protect against moisture but also against pest invasion. One more precautionary measure is to remember that wood is combustible so including fire retardants in the wood used for building wooden homes is important.


To wrap up, if tinkering with the idea of a wooden home, then check for full-fledged information by contacting our experts in wooden homes.